Singletary Rod & Gun Club

300 Sutton Ave. Oxford, Ma. 01540


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Membership Form

Print, fill out and return to the club in care of Membership Director

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Archery Bar Birds
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Membership Sick Rifle Range

Sponsor (you must have one member of Singletary Rod & Gun that is in good standing to be considered for membership)

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First Year Membership Rules
  1. All new members will be considered associate members for their first year of membership
  2. New members will be required to work 6 hours their first year.(All committee chairmen will advertise their work parties and sign each new member work card at the completion of their assigned duty.)
  3. It is mandatory that all new members work the club's annual FIELD DAY. (All field day chairmen will sign members card).
  4. All new members will sell their raffle tickets.
  5. NOTE: Any member not physically able to perform these duties could be exempt.
  6. Any associate member not meeting these requirements will remain an associate member and will be required to pay the initiation fee again, until work requirements have been fulfilled.

General Club Rules
  1. Illegal drugs are strictly forbidden from club property.
  2. Each member is expected to respect and protect club property and report any incident of theft or vandalism to the board of directors.
  3. Members whose dues are not paid by the January general assembly meeting will be dropped from the membership of the club.
  4. A separate list of pond and range rules will be given to each member. All members are expected to follow these rules when using club facilities.
  5. Any member wishing to run for board of directors must sign the book at the general assembly meeting at least 6 times in the year prior to running for office.

I certify that if admitted to membership, I will practice all aspects of good sportsmanship and I agree to fully abide by the rules, regulations and by-laws of the Singletary Rod and Gun Club, Inc.
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